Let's Do Bookkeeping

A comprehensive practical training of Bookkeeping. After completing the program, trainees will have sufficient amount of skills set to start career as bookkeeper.

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Let's Do Taxation

This Taxation training program needs 2 months for learning to do the basic tax returns for self employed, partnership and company.  It’s a shorter and intense training program for preparing different tax returns and submissions.

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Let's Do Accounts

You need approximately 6 months with Elprofs to do beyond bookkeeping and learn to do what an accountant does on a daily basis. This also includes some part of the payroll training. It’s a training program to achieve more versatile skill sets to broaden your career opportunities.

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Let's Do Payroll

This Course is a basic course for Payroll. Payroll normally takes 2 months to complete. We will walk you through from the very basic to a level where you can confidently run and manage the payroll of any organisation.

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ELPROFS is a practical training organisation in Accounting, Taxation and Business Advising sector. Our primary focus is to provide practical and real life training to candidates who want to start or progress in accounting & finance industry. There has been always  a shortage of practical trainings & development for students and new comers to accounting & finance industry. Sometimes anyone who wants to progress in their career may find it harder due to shortage of practical and supervised training & development programs within their organisation or learning providers. We can provide the solutions to such difficulties to get those important practical trainings and mentorship focused around your career goals in accountancy, taxation and finance industry.

  • Get mentorship  directly  offered by the experienced professionals.
  • Train in real office environment, work with real data.
  • Get trained on popular softwares and platforms
  • Build your competencies and soft skills
  • Develop your overall professionalism
  • Get detailed competency reference check-list at the end of each training programs.
  • Get work-placement opportunities at the end of training programs.

Be ahead of the pack, both with qualifications and practical expertise.

Develop yourself with ELPROFS. Let’s be career ready.



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No matter you are student working towards your accounting or finance qualifications, an existing employee wanting to learn new skills to progress in your career or qualified accountants who wants to learn newly skills- El Profs offering practical training with real data in real office environment with structured supervision and training plan. For each batch of candidates are very limited to ensure the real work environment and at-work supervision.


Our View

From our experience we noticed a huge lack of up to date practical training being offered by the prominent accounting awarding bodies. This is leaving the candidates with just one dimensional and mostly theoretical knowledge which is not enough for getting a good start in the career. This is where El Profs comes in to fill that gap of practical training in relevant professional environment to make candidates, current students and even qualified students ready for their career.

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