About Us


About the Training

It is not traditional classroom environment. Actually we don’t want you to feel like someone who is learning. Rather we consider you as someone who just started a new job and we’ll take you through a training plan which is designed to make you prepared for the job. Therefore, you will be treated like one of the team members and we will expect you feel the same. However, you will be subject to constant training and supervision to make sure you are learning all the contents of the training programs you choose. This way you will be equipped with practical “know-hows”, tips & tricks of the real working world. A fair amount of hand-outs and home work will be given to you to ensure you are covering all operational aspect of your role. Sometimes weekend workshops can be expected depending on the program and you will be notified in advance.

Why Us

Like any professional career accounting and taxation needs combination of both theoretical studies and practical skill set to be achieved. Moreover, being such a regulated profession- Accounting and taxation needs more practical expertise which can only be gained by repetitive practice, supervision and skill based concentrated training. This is where the accounting awarding bodies are unable to provide any direct training. Naturally, a skills gap starts to grow among the existing students. In this day and age when communication and technological tools are changing faster than ever, it’s most important to keep up with the practical skills for any professional and more so for accountants. Most crucially, there is hardly any employer who wants to employ someone without any practical experiences.

Our practical training plans are comprehensively designed to make candidates ready for their day to day roles while they get their desired job. At the same time, we ensure the candidates are trained and accustomed to professional environment so that they can develop their soft skills. We ensure candidates are trained in most popular duties & responsibilities employers are seeking. We also provide a competency based reference to each successful candidates after completion of their programs which can be used for CPD purpose, career progression or future employer reference.