Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I be given the chance to work with real data?

Yes. After initial basic trainings you will be give real data to work with. To ensure the data protection and security of our clients’ information, you will be required to agree and sign the intellectual property and confidentiality agreement before starting.

Which platforms and/or software?

The platforms we use depends on which training programs you are opting in for. Commonly you will be working on Sage, Excel, VT, Cloud platforms like Xero, Business, Sage Payroll, Payroll Manager etc. We are always working with different software companies to give our trainees exposure to the most commonly used software and systems.


Will I be working in an accounting office?

Yes. You will be working in an accounting practice. As we are aiming to give you more real life practical experience rather than course lecture, it’s important that you understand how an accounting and finance department works to make you prepared for task managements and other vital organisational skills


Does the programs have structured training plan or it’s an unplanned approach?

Yes. Even though you will be experiencing an workplace environment, you will be taken through a structured training which we have developed to give you the necessary skills sets employers want. If you are reading this, it means you might already faced the problems yourself where your qualifications are not enough to give you those skills. Our training plan is the secret we are not going publish but one thing we can say that, it’s customised and flexible for each candidates depending on their situation and it will be always kept confidential to protect you.

Do I get any discount if I decided to continue to longer programs?

Yes. We always welcome trainees who wants to keep training themselves in other courses.

Is there any payment flexibility available?

Yes. But it’s subject to negotiation on case by case basis.


Will I be provided professional reference if requested?

Upon completion of the training program you will be provided with a competency reference from us. This competency certificate will include the skills you are able to perform and have working experience, soft skills you have achieved during the training and more. At the same time (if required) we can provide professional reference (as you will be working in a real workplace) from the respective accounting practices.

Can I use this training as my CPD?

Yes. You will be able to claim this training as your CPD. As we are partner with different accountancy body accredited employers- you will be able to use this experience as you membership requirements too.


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